Black Ops Multiplayer Tips

Black Ops Multiplayer Tips

Looking for Black Ops Multiplayer Tips ? Then you have come to the right place. I will be teaching you all the best Black Ops Multiplayer Tips that will help you get more kills and rack up big killstreaks. You should follow the following Black Ops Multiplayer Tips that will definitely make you perfect and a master of Call Of Duty Black Ops :

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Black Ops Multiplayer Tips 1 : Don’t Sprint Everywhere

This is the most common mistake that will never let you win the game. If you are new to Black Ops (or even if you are a mid range gamer), you must avoid using the sprint button. This is probably because you are caught more easily when you are sprinting. Also, It will be difficult for you to shoot the enemy while you are running. And, if you are even a second late then your enemy, in taking out your gun, then you are shot dead, for sure.

However, Sometimes, Sprinting can be proved useful.It is only when you want to cross a dangerous place (that requires you to run) or when you want to run away from the opponent. If you are using a knife to attack your enemy,sprinting can again come handy; as you can use knife instantly while running (unlike other weapons).

Black Ops Multiplayer Tips 2 : Using Wrong Weapon for the Map

Some People are fond of using the same weapon for every map just because they love that weapon. That is obviously idiotic because every map requires you to use different weapon. If you are using snipe, the guy with the assault rifle is definitely going to get you down every time.

When playing in a small maps, go with a sub-machine gun which has a steady aim. This way, you do not have to aim and can simply strafe other players, as there will be a lot of head-to-head fights, particularly on maps like Nuketown.

While on a medium sized map, you can use Sniper gun or an Assault rifle. Assault Gun is always preferred as they allow you to play cautiously and get more killstreak rewards.

For a Large Map, Sniper Gun is more preferred over Assault Rifle. However Assault Gun will equally do well but Sniper Rifle is viable on big, open maps.

As you know you are provided with 10 Classes on Black Ops Multiplayer, So make sure to choose at least a few of them to try out different combos.

Black Ops Multiplayer Tips 3 : Get Better at Perk Selection

Most people suck at choosing the right Perks. They have no idea that choosing the wrong perk means leaving kills and killstreaks on the table. If you are using a Submachine gun, you should set it up to have steady aim with lightweight. This helps you to move quickly and easily while shooting your enemies. You could also use a silencer to silently kill your enemies from behind without ever getting noticed.

If you are using an Assault Rifle, you could use Hardline as your first perk. This will help you to live long time. You could also use a scavenger instead of this as you can often go out of amno and this will help then. For second perk, go with Second Chance. This will help your team mates get plenty of time to revive if you fall from a window level. For your third perk, chose Hardened. This is the best perk for enhancing the long range shooting experience. This will help you net kills thus increasing your kill streaks.

Now, it depends on you that which perk suit you the best. The more you practice and play, the more will you get to know that which is the perfect weapon perk combination for you. Hope you enjoyed these Black Ops Multiplayer Tips.


Black Ops Multiplayer Guide Tip 5 : Get Black Ops Multiplayer Guide

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